We believe voting solutions should be non-profit. ELECTIS, behind the Electis App, is a community-based NGO that gathers researchers, developers, and grassroots leaders committed to advancing online and safe voting.


The Electis App is an open-source solution. Anyone is welcome to fork it or join it to expand our open-source library of solutions. We are using the Tezos blockchain and IPFS to share the key election information, thus increasing transparency. We are steadily increasing decentralization, trust in the results of our elections.

State of the Art Security

The Electis App is using state-of-the-art technologies guaranteeing security and anonymousness. We deliver trusted e-voting for communities and NGOs elections, helping them increase their governance and legitimacy.

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Technologies that make it possible

security and anonymity

Homomorphic encryption

Homomorphic encryption allows performing calculations on encrypted data without decrypting it first.
ElectionGuard is the software that uses homomorphic encryption.

The ElectionGuard SDK leverages homomorphic encryption to ensure that votes recorded by electronic systems of any type remain encrypted, secure, and secret. Results can be published online or made available to third-party organizations for secure validation, and allow individual voters to confirm their votes were correctly counted.

The software was developed by Microsoft and is free of use and open-source.

Security and decentralisation

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology allows recording transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way without needing any middlemen.
Tezos is a blockchain network for decentralized applications that cannot be censored or shut down by third parties.

Tezos is designed to provide the safety, security and code correctness required for high-value assets and mission-critical environments such as the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries. As Tezos is a decentralized, public blockchain that evolves by upgrading itself through on-chain governance, it adds further level of transparency and security to our e-voting system, the Electis App.

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